Becoming My Own Boss

Authors: Dominique Klughammer, Marc Haenecke. Docu-soap - BR, arte - 2005 - 5 x 30 min

Unions and featherbedding often played a pivotal role in Germany’s economy – it was always safer to be employed than self-employed. But now for the first time financial incentives are available for unemployed Germans considering self employment – the German government is encouraging small business development and individual entrepreneurial self-determinism. Unemployed Germans are beginning to think twice about whether they might not want to become their own bosses.

The filmmakers follow six men and women, couples and singles, who have decided that they want to take their fate into their own hands through the first year of self-employment. How will their lives change? How about their families and relationships? Will they make it? Or are the stakes just too high for them?