The Ritchie Boys

Authors: Christian Bauer. No genre - WDR / MDR / BR - 2004 - 90 min

"The Ritchie Boys" is the untold story of a group of young men, who fled Nazi Germany and returned to Europe in US-uniforms to help the Allied war effort against Hitler's Third Reich. They knew the psychology and the language of the enemy better than anybody else. In Camp Ritchie, Maryland, they were trained in intelligence and psychological warfare. Not always courageous, but determined, bright, and inventive they fought their own kind of war. They saved lives. They were victors, not victims.

"The Ritchie Boys" was the opening film of Hotdocs in Toronto 2004.

Praise for The Ritchie Boys

It hardly seems possible, yet outstanding documentaries on World War II continue to be made. Christian Bauer%u2019s The Ritchie Boys is one of the best.
Kevin Thomas
L.A. Times, Los Angeles

This is a tremendous document. An important lesson for today, tomorrow and future generations.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Media Psychologist, New York

A work of incredible research, maturity and finesse, "The Ritchie Boys" is, above all, an incredible story of espionage and courage.
Karen Tisch
Hot Docs, Toronto

In never-seen archival footage, the film tells of the adventures and success, the courage and heroism of an unlikely band of individuals.
Lucille de Saint-Andre
Echo Germanica, Toronto