Murder in Paris

Authors: Hannes Schuler, Manfred Baur. History & science - ZDF - 2006 - 45 min

“Metropolis II” takes a fascinating time journey into the past, visiting three remarkable medieval cities: Constantinople – Venice – Paris. Each of these played a significant role in the emergence of Europe through the clash between Christianity and Islam.
Constantinople, the self-declared successor of the Roman Empire, institutionalizes the bitter conflict of the two faiths. But the magnificent city finally falls into the hands of the Osmans. Venice profits greatly from the confrontation between Christianity and Islam. Its role in the Crusades leads to the city’s emergence as the dominant Mediterranean naval power. The final film takes the viewer to Paris. In the shadow of Notre Dame the most important Western university develops. With the help of Islamic science, where the advanced knowledge of classical antiquity had survived into medieval times.
Documentary footage and the footage of experts’ commentaries are placed in direct connection with the dramatized lives of historically researched personalities. Three dimensional computer reconstructions finally meld the modern cities with their long-forgotten medieval past.