Bossa Nova

New Wave from Brazil

Authors: Matti Bauer. Culture - BR - 2004 - 60 min

In the 60ies a Brazilian music movement became world-famous %u2013 and still is today: the Bossa Nova - an intriguing mixture of Brazilian Samba and Cool Jazz from Rio de Janeiro.
White musicians like António Carlos Jobim, Joăo Gilberto, Carlos Lyra und Roberto Menescal experimented with the Samba originating in the Favelas %u2013 the slums of Rio. This new beat expressed the spirit of a whole generation -of Brazilian youth. It is linked to a period full of euphoria and awakening. Celebrating the everlasting summer of Ipanema the young musicians created the soundtrack of their time and Ipanema became the synonym for beautiful girls and falling in love.
In an intimate atmosphere the famous musicians perform in front of the camera.