Tyrolean Winter

Authors: Matti Bauer. Human interest - BR - 2005 - 45 min

In spite of snow cannons and artificial ski slopes, a real winter is about real snow, but this year the weather has been playing crazy. Just as the inhabitants of the Tyrol village Alpbach are starting to worry about the lack of snow, the storm finally arrives.

The film paints a loving portrait of a winter sport village, which has managed to maintain much of its original character despite the ski circus which rolls up every year. Both the architecture, which is lost in time, and the people who live in Alpbach are what make the place so special. There's the former shepherd, Hansl, who doesn't only know the secrets of the weather but is a walking oracle of pearls of wisdom. Another character who adds colour to the place is ski instructor, Sepp, who in spite of a serious accident six years ago, still speeds down the piste on his monoski and teaches his pupils to ski. Gitti, who runs a pension for winter sport guests and lends a certain charm to the village, which regardless of the wild goings-on on the slopes, exudes an atmosphere of peace and calm. All these snow characters benefit in one way or another from the snow which has finally fallen on Alpbach.