Missing Allen

The Man Who Became a Camera

Authors: Christian Bauer. Human interest - arte/BR/SR - 2001 - 92 min

In November 1995, the American cameraman Allen Ross vanishes without a trace, having just completed the shooting for a documentary about the Mississippi. None of his friends knew that Allen had moved away from Chicago to become the member of a small sect, and the lover and husband of its high priest…

Christian Bauer, who was a friend of Allen Ross, begins to search for him in 2000 – and the film becomes a detective story with an open end. It shows us the dark side of America and leads us into the world of salvation-seekers, UFOs and sects with dangerous connections to the far-right movement.

Together with Christian Bauer, Allen Ross made seven films for Tangram: Chicago, The Jungle, Capone – an American career, Waiting for Lily, Encounters of the fourth kind, Barefoot in the Bronx and Ol’ Man River, his last work before his disappearance.