My Foreign Child

Four Years after the Adoption

Authors: Dominique Klughammer. Human interest - ZDF - 2007 - 30 min

When Susan and Rainer Werner were allowed to adopt two little girls - Alisha and Luana - from Haiti, their greatest wish had finally come true. It was the end of a long journey for the couple.

Now the story of this unusual adoption continues with a second film in the ZDF strand, 37 Grad. Alisha is now six years old, her sister Luana is four. The two girls quickly captured the hearts of those around them, but the idyll is not perfect, particularly for Alisha who carries the burden of her past.

Nonetheless, Susan and Rainer love their girls like any parent loves its child. This second film shows the creation of a real family - a family which overcomes all the challenges that life throws in its path.