Poltergeists and other Spooks

Authors: Matti Bauer. Human interest - BR - 2001 - 45 min

There are countless stories of ghosts, apparitions and execrated places, of poltergeists and relatives who make some kind of sign at the moment of their passing.

In his film, Matti Bauer proves that spooky business is not just a British speciality, but that there are plenty of strange occurrences in Bavaria. At the Stockenfels castle in Upper Palatinate there are rumours of ghosts of crooked publicans and a devil who plays cards for the life of an innocent hunter. In Chiemgau, the ghost of an Augustine Father calls the vicar to the last anointing and in a Rosenheim lawyers office, pictures fall off the wall.

People let their imaginations for myths and ghost stories run away with them, but it is hard to ignore the strange feeling which develops during the course of the film: Is it all made up or is there some truth to these stories?