School is finished - what now?

Full steam ahead towards the working life

Authors: Dominique Klughammer. Human interest - ZDF - 2006 - 30 min

Germany’s economic spirits are flying low but the unemployment rate is higher than ever. How is a graduate supposed to get a job these days? In School is finished - what now? Dominique Klughammer poses this question to three very different protagonists.

Chanel, 15, is struggling to pass her school exams - on the list of potentially unemployed candidates she comes out top. Henriette, 20, has successfully finished an apprenticeship but lives in Chemnitz, an area which does not offer many jobs. Hans-Peter, a recent graduate from law school, has to compete with thousands of others with the same qualifications.

We accompany our protagonists over a period of six month. We witness their hopes and dreams, their frustrations and disappointments. The bleak atmosphere which characterizes the German economy weighs heavily on these young people. But Chanel, Hans-Peter, and Henriette keep their chins up – and in the end, all three of them begin their working lives full steam ahead!