Sex with the Ex?

Authors: Daniela Agostini. Human interest - ZDF - 2007 - 30 min

"Breaking up" is part of everyday life in Germany today. Every third marriage is getting divorced - and generally, fewer and fewer people dare to walk down the aisle or pledge eternal fidelity in front of the registrar. Once love has vanished one splits up. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of "ex-partners" in all walks of life.

We examine how former lovers behave after the break-up. Does something like an "post-relationship-pattern" exist? Is the ex-partner banished from a person´s life? Are quarrels triggered by furniture, CDs, friends or even children? Is sex still fun although the love is gone? Sometimes partners agree that the relationship is beyond repair but both don´t want to cross the other out of their lives. Love can become friendship - particularly because today, it is rarely death, which parts the couple.

In "Sex with the Ex?", director Daniela Agostini watches closely former couples and their current relation to each other. For how long can you have sex with the ex without facing complications? How tough is it to finally settle conflicts? And can the "love of one´s life" really become the best friend? Stories full of emotional ups and downs, which won´t leave us untouched. After all, don´t all of us know the pleasures and pains the relation to our ex?