The Human Odyssey

The Mystery of the Dragon Bones

Authors: Hannes Schuler, Manfred Baur. History & science - ZDF - 2001 - 45 min

2001 – the future is now. Six billion people live on planet Earth. People with fundamentally different hopes, fears, experiences. Six billion fates. But all of us share the ability to think and to feel – and our common roots.

2001 – The Odyssee of Mankind tells us how human beings populated the Earth across all continents over hundred thousands of years, from the beginnings in Africa to the south of America. We make a journey to the cradle of mankind, and on this journey decipher the secrets , which fossils from all over the world tell us about our origin and our spread over the globe. 2001 – The Odysse of Mankind follows the traces of the first human beings who left to conquer the Earth.

The Secret of the dragon-bones leads us to Asia, where a separate chapter of the development of humans is layed open. The famous Peking-man is still a secret of science which we try to solve. These fossils vanished during the Chinese-Japanese war – today they could help us answer the question, if there was a separate development of man in Asia.