Authors: Alice Agneskirchner. Human interest - BR - 2002 - 75 min

Lower Bavaria, Bavarian Forest, gentle hills, deep valleys and more forest. Beyond Passau, near the Austrian and Czech border is the village of Wildenranna. It has a church, a regular's table at the local pub, 900 inhabitants, hard winters, short, cold summers, agriculture and forestry. Some left to seek their fortune in 1930s America, but most of them came back again, unable to stay away from their roots forever. The feeling of belonging has always been a big part of life in Wildenranna, and those who live there today, say it still is.

Writer and director Alice Agneskirchner sets off in search of the feeling of home and belonging. In Wildenranna everyone has a story to tell. Life has left its marks, but the inhabitants take things as they come - bluntly, ironically and with a frequent smile.

It won't be long before places like Wildenranna no longer exist. Life there will become more and more like life everywhere else. As such "Wildenranna" is a document of the irretrievable, a film at which to laugh, to cry and simply be amazed.